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Services for Women

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Services for Women- Individual Services
Therapy for Women
yWhen you come in for individual therapy, the therapist is there to help you deal with and move through whatever challenges you have. This is done without negative judgment or shaming. You will be supported and encouraged in an energy of care and affection, wherein you will feel safe to open up and explore what contributes to your distress. Sometimes, it is difficult to look at what troubles you, especially if it is something that you have” swept under the rug,” so to speak. But, when you do talk about it, it is freeing. Talking rather than suppressing helps you to “get it out,” to release whatever pent-up negative energy you are holding inside. Holding negative energy inside can be very draining. Your therapist will walk with you through those dark places, supporting you in your journey to heal. You will not have to go through it alone. Your mental health counselor knows that the healing awaits you on the other side of the tunnel and he or she will encourage you to keep doing your inner work, in the office, and out of the office. Your therapist will teach you coping skills, in addition to helping you to see things from a different perspective. While we cannot change the past, we can reinterpret it. Most often situations are misinterpreted, given a meaning that is distorted in some way. That meaning gets stored in your brain. If that meaning is negative/destructive, it will be accompanied by distressing emotions. If the meaning is positive/productive, it will be accompanied by positive emotions. Sometimes no matter how you interpret something, it is not pretty and the only positive meaning you can get is that you learned something and now you can grow from it. Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Sometimes, there might be a past situation that just needs to be accepted. As with the serenity prayer, God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference!

Help yourself by allowing us to help you. Take that next step towards your greater good. Call and schedule your appointment today. Whether you are searching for someone to help you, or your child, Living Clarity is best place for you to start. It is time to release stress, anxiety, panic, worry and depression. It is time to move beyond blocks that are in your way. It is time to be happy, to reach your next level up. It is time to experience success. Get started with counseling or life coaching at Living Clarity so that you can unlock the potential to live the life that you have envisioned.  

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