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Teen- Individual Services
Therapy for Teens 
Being a teenager in today’s day and time is tough. There are so many influences beyond the family that can have a negative impact on teens. Teenagers struggle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks all too often. These mental health issues can turn a household upside down. They can result in isolation, school refusal, angry acting out, cutting, suicidal thinking, suicide attempts, and unfortunately suicide.
Here at Living Clarity, we understand the stresses of teens. We understand that while parents may have given the child a great home, nice clothes and all of the electronics that they could ever want, teens can still become depressed (usually due to factors such as peer issues or romantic relationship issues). This takes a huge toll on teens. As everyone’s experience is different, we seek to understand the perception of the teen because we know that their perception is their truth. We listen to teens without negative judgment, seeking to understand them as if they are a best-selling novel we are reading. Details and stories are important, revealing the essence of open wounds. 
When teens feel that someone is interested in them, who is listening to understand them and who cares about them and their thoughts, feelings and perspectives, they tend to open up and share. All too often, parents contribute to the teens shutting down by saying something such as, “Honey you shouldn’t feel that way.” They feel how they feel and if a parent tells them they should not feel that way, sometimes teens will shut down and show that parent a mask, becoming an actor or actress whenever they are in the parents present. At Living Clarity, we seek to create a safe environment which can foster the mask coming off and the teen showing up in an authentic and vulnerable way.
Equally important, what happens in therapy is confidential. This usually eases the resistance of teens who tend to put up walls to keep others out. The counselor explains how confidentiality works and lets the teen know that when they reveal things that can potentially harm them, the therapist cannot hold that in confidence (ex. If the teen said that they are being abused, doing drugs or have been thinking about suicide). First and foremost, teens need to be kept safe. Some secrets are healthy to keep and some are not. Also significant, if a teen discloses issues that they have with a parent and these issues continuously has a negative impact on the teen, the teen is encouraged by the therapist to allow for intervention, via family sessions. In this case, the issues can be discussed and perhaps parents can be taught more effective parenting strategies, in addition to the teen and the parent learning more effective ways to communicate with each other. Sometimes teens are receptive, and sometimes not. If not, the therapist will honor the teens’ wishes and continue to work with the teen, likely proposing in the future the advent of family therapy again. The therapist will work with the teen on dealing with their worries, fears, and anxieties about the parents joining them in session. Eventually, teens become less resistant to the process of family therapy.

If you are a parent of a teen and you have tried everything that you could think of to help your teen, and things are still not better, it is okay to ask for help. Bring your teenager to professionals who are trained to help them. This does not mean that you have failed, it just means that you need assistance. We all need assistance at some point in our life. Allow us at Living Clarity to help you and your teenager.

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