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Living Clarity LLC Events

Living clarity will be starting women’s group meetings in November 2017. Groups include; “The Downriver Women’s Empowerment Circle,” which geared to empower women to be their best self and live their best life. Also, there will be a woman’s meditation group. Meditation has all kinds of benefits such as alleviating anxiety, decreasing stress and connecting one with her deepest self. 
There is no fee for these groups, however a love offering/donation would be greatly appreciated!
Women’s workshops, seminars and weekend retreats will also be offered through Living Clarity. Stay tuned, as these are all still in the development stages. We will update our website as information becomes available.
Please send us workshop ideas that interest you, as well as other types of group meetings for women. Living Clarity is ready to serve the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of women. We want to see you win!